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All students in grades Preschool through Grade 8 receive instruction in the use of technology tools. We strive to have our students meet or exceed the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students. To that end, students are taught to use a variety of technology tools and to apply the use of technology to learning in all areas of the curriculum.  We subscribe to many online programs that support instruction in and mastery of the core subject areas as well as keyboarding instruction. Our children also use technology tools and applications to demonstrate their learning and to communicate effectively. Students in grades K-8 are provided with a Chromebook to use in class and at home when necessary. Students in Preschool are assigned touch tablet devices to use in class. 
Responsible and safe use of technology is emphasized. Students learn to exhibit positive ethical and social behaviors when using technology devices and the internet. They learn to be intelligent digital researchers, to evaluate the credibility of information, and to credit the intellectual property of others.
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